July 31, 2014

Project "Tremor" Devlog - Part 1

Yo ho ho and... two cups of coffee to get my day going? Yesterday, I finally started working on a project I've fantasized about for a looooo-ong time. It even got a name: this over-ambitious project shall be named "Tremor" - it will be ground-shaking, it will destroy everything on its way, and... it was the first word that came up to my head when I was creating the VS solution. It's all good.

So, what's Tremor, then? It's (or rather, it should become) a light-weight library that abstracts platform-specific code and has some features that aid game development. Basically, it's a game engine, although calling it an "engine", at least at this point, is, well, pointless. The grand vision is that it'll run on desktop, Android, and Windows Phone 8(.1), and it will feature 2D graphics support, scene graph and action system, pretty much what you can find in any modern game library (Cocos2D-X, LibGDX and others).

All in all, the first baby-steps are going well. The code compiles on all platforms, and each platform already features a platform-specific stub that prints out a platform-specific "Hello World!". On Windows and WP8, I've tested the build with Visual Studio, and using NDK, I managed to build the same code successfully for Android.

Next step? I want to draw a triangle. Preferably, a white triangle. And it has to be awesome.

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